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GoWithGilli Index Page   July 2061 ET

Go With Gilli Poster
[posted 7/21/04]  

My Journal: The Cicuta Trip

Journal Prolog Folder

Prolog: When I Saw the Folder
How my fascination with
galactic travel began.

Journal 1 S'Bus

Chapter 1: Leaving Earth
On my way at last!

Journal 2 SpaceBeacon

Chapter 2: Passing Mars
An old connection and
new information

Journal 3 FPS

Chapter 3: Folding
We see an incredible sight

Journal 4 GlowWorms

Chapter 4: Arriving
Made it to Cicuta!
...but it's not what I expected

Journal 5: Riser 

Chapter 5: Rising
Are we there yet? Almost!

Journal 6: High Cicuta

Chapter 6: High Cicuta at Last!
It's more amazing than I imagined.

For More About Everything--
Check Out Gilli's Galactic Guide

Journal 7: ArtSpace

Chapter 7: Going to the Tekalkoin
The ArtSpace—my first taste
of Cicutan culture

Finding an old friend leads to
our feature:
Rzilli Explores Ratita

Journal 8: Inside

Chapter 8: Inside the Tekalkoin
Old & new art--and a
surprising Earthan connection...

See Links to Other Sites You Might Like to Explore

Journal 9:CTB

Chapter 9: Choosing —What Next?
Off in a new direction...

Hi Fellow Explorers...
We'd love to have you join our GIG Club, The Gillimates.
We won't bug you like Orinoco Outlets--
only a notification when new chapters are posted.
G-mail me!
To welcome you, we'll send you a 550 x 676-pixel jpeg of
my "Go With Gilli" poster. (upper right)
And if you send your mailing address,
we'll snail you a FREE 8.5"x11" print..
Write Gilli

A friend of ours, eDog, has started a band called
The Psychic French Frys.
They are fascinated with
Turn-of-the Millennium musicians
and are trying to psychically project themselves
back to see what they can discover.
Write eDog

For more of Phil's 3D work
To Phil's Home Page

At this gig-site

Journal 10: Anura

Chapter 10: A Unexpected Adventure
What is happening?

Pictures From Earlier Trips
A Cicutan

Some sketches of Cicuta sent to me by
Uncle Cyril when I was little

Beautiful Bosiella Tree

Remember last year's exploration of Elysia
with our guide, OrZoo?
Here is our most popular Elysian souvenir.
Postcard from Elysia.

OrZoo in Space

And the viz we took while gathering gomfus
with OrZoo in Space

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3D Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.


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