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It's hard to believe that it's only been a little over 20 years since we humans were introduced to galactic travel. While some Earthans have been bold enough to try folding to other worlds, most of you are still getting used to the whole idea.
   Here with Gilli's Galactic Guide and programs like "Go With Gilli", we want to help you learn about the marvelous new possibilities--and challenges--out there. The galaxy holds much that is mysterious and that we don't yet know, but, with the help of adventurous travelers like Gilli and, perhaps you, we find out more all the time.
   If you are ready for adventure, the galaxy awaits.

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Most of you must remember quite clearly that day in 2040 when the first netlines appeared about an unexplained object just found in the asteroid belt. It was first seen by miners there who described it as a sort of cube with a ring and antennas attached at one corner. Some of the less panicked miners, soon joined by other brave Earthans, watched as various sorts of non-humans began to build the FoldPointStation around the cube–in time joined by human workers.

   The first contact with The Folders, or The Unfolding, was an important event for Earthans. We'd always expected either all-wise, superior aliens who come to help us or nasty ones who want to enslave us. The reality was the mysterious Folders who didn't care much about us at all, only about building FoldPoint Stations, and a wide variety of non-human people with all sorts of agendas. Fortunately, they had much experience with meeting new cultures, so there were agreements in place to prevent too gross exploitation of the more naive races. They knew that, when encountering new people, it is prudent to see what they have to offer before destroying them, or, more likely, ignoring them. Evidently, some new worlds do prove so disgusting that no one wants to have any thing to do with them, at least officially (there are always the kinkier tastes.) Plenty of unpleasantnesses still seem to exist between peoples, but these are mostly the result of ancient rivalries that don't involve us, thankfully.

   As for Earth, or Kitri3 as they call us, we were a minor curiosity, a new destination for the jaded. There was some disappointment that the KitriSystem didn't have more sentient life-forms. (The subsurface bacteria colonies of Mars, while intelligent, are too small to deal with).

   Our real first contact was with the Giggers, who appeared as soon as the FoldPoint Station was started. They hooked us up to the GIG and sold us the necessary technology to upgrade the mini-sys (the most popular brand today is the MIN from Unitek.) The Giggers also had a better space drive that enables the S'Buses to travel to our FPS in less than a day and a half (when Earth is closest to the FPS.)

   Since then, other people have come--wanting to buy, sell, convert, sightsee, study, explore, etc. And some of us have gone out there, for similar reasons.

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Here are some useful definitions:
A world is usually a planet or moon or asteroid where beings have settled. Some space colonies may be included.
The CenStar is the star at the center of a system. In multiple-star systems, the star with the greatest gravitational pull is the CenStar,and the others are SubCenStars.
Beings are something that's alive. There are many controversies about exactly what this means, and the definition of "alive" is constantly changing.

Before you go to any world, be sure you know which beings fit the following categories:
People are the major sentient, communicating, culture-producing beings in a world. There can be any number of species on one world who consider themselves the people. Sometimes their relations are harmonious; sometimes not. It is safest to appear to accept the viewpoint of your host, whatever you might feel privately.
Symbiots are beings who cooperate with people for their mutual benefit
Subbiots are beings used by people, not for the subbiot's benefit though people often say it is.
Wild beings do their own thing.
And when dealing with robots and computer systems, the categories may be especially unclear.

It is very important to know who to talk to, who to pet, who to eat, who to run from or avoid, both for your safety and to avoid offense in the culture. It is not always obvious.

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UVS symbol
UVS symbol



As Earthans are new to intraGalactic travel, other worlds are just beginning to provide for us. But as most of our tourist travel will be to worlds with similarly-sized inhabitants and acceptable breathing atmospheres, Earthans can almost always find ways to get by. (There are many other tourist circuits. In the future we will be able, with the proper equipment, to visit some of them).

UVS: One delicate topic of intraGalactic travel is that of finding a suitable toilet facility. Not all people even need toilets.Some excrete encapsulated pellets which can be deposited anywhere. Some don't care (many worlds place restrictions on these species). Some have very efficient digestive systems and so have little to deal with. Some just exhale waste gases.
  Fortunately for those of us who have toilet needs, the UVS (Universal Vacuation System) is found almost everyehere. It works for most species, including Earthans. It is not a bad idea, if you can find one on Earth, to practice before you go. Though most have instructions that your MIN translactivator will decode for you, a UVS with a line of strangers waiting outside is no place to become confused.

NUITRITION: We can eat many off-Earth foods, but often they do not provide proper nuitrients for our bodies. So be sure to take Nuitrsup regularly.
  It is also wise to keep some BaseNuit bars available. Make a supply when you find a machine, using your MIN to feed it the Earthan formula. They have no taste, but you can survive on them.
  Tourist Boards often provide data about their foods' nuitritional and toxic qualities for various species. Some are beginning to require EE (EarthanEdible) stickers.
  As more Earthans travel, they are entering more info into the FOpimion GIG site about their reactions to off-Earth foods.This is very helpful as Tourist Boards have no idea what chicken actually tastes like.

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It is always well to get to the Port early in order to get a good seat. Because galactic people come in so many different shapes and sizes and with so many different needs, passengers must rent a seat designed for their species.

   As passengers aren't allowed to move around once underway (floating is dangerous for the inexperienced), the seats provide for all your needs. For humans, there are such things as, food and drink in the armrest, waste disposal attachment, muscle vibrators to prevent cramps, and so on.
   If you are early and lucky, many grades may be available. Choose the best you can afford, especially if the trip is long. Boxes for your baggage are also for rent.

   The packers push all the seats with strapped-down passengers (and baggage/cargo boxes) into the S'Bus and attach everything firmly to the floor. A full S'Bus may be packed quite tightly. On the larger ones there is usually an attendant who can float in the overhead area to passengers in need of help.

  Try to take advantage of this time. You can visit with nearby passengers, study, write, plan, catch up on old movies (the ones from other cultures can be interesting, if baffling.) If your seat has virtual-reality equipment, there are even more possibilities. It is also a good time to meditate (most religions have guided programs) or simply rest. Bring a few extra Trankwil tablets just in case

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Your galactic travel begins when you debus from the S'Bus at our Kitri FoldPoint Station.
   Stations are built by The Folders at a FoldPoint. This is where there is a "fold" in space-time so there is contact between two or more points in space, perhaps quite distant. There tend to be more points in areas dense with stars and dark matter.

   A FP Station, or simply FPS, may have several Gates, each of which goes to a different star system. Ours has only two gates: one to Tau Ceti and one to Procyon (to use Earthan names). We don't really understand The Folders' technology, but it seems to work this way: at a carefully coordinated "time", one Gate sends out a surge of positive energy, or possen, and its twin Gate in the paired star system sends out negative energy. neggen, which "sucks" whatever is in the first Gate through the FP to the other Gate. Each Gate has incoming and outgoing areas.

   You should feel at home on our Kitri FPS because so many Earthans live and work there. And it is relatively small and easy to navigate, but some FPSs can be huge. It may take shuttles, chutes, and several hours to get from one Gate to another. Be sure to load a good map; positioning devices don't always work. Check your MIN frequently: all necessary updating is sent to it and translated.
   Most FPS have the usual: VIB lounges for the very rich, hotels of all levels (many people need to rest after folding), food (look for the EE, EarthanEdible, symbol), and shopping. You should be able to find what you need, though you may have to be creative and adaptable in FPSs several folds away where few Earthans have traveled.

   You will probably have to wait. Enjoy watching the scene around you. You may think you have seen some unusual visitors on Earth, but nothing like the variety on a FPS. Remember that everyone and everything has to go through FPSs. Watch, but don't stare. Generally it is well to avoid interaction unless you know what you are doing. On the other hand, we Earthans are known to be new to the scene and are not expected to be very sophisticated, providing material for comedians throughout the known worlds. ("How many Earthans does it take to . . .?)

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To Gilli's Journal:
My Encounter with A Folder

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To Gilli's Journal: Folding




We know very little about The Folders. We do know that they find FoldPoints, build Stations and coordinate the Gates.

   The Giggers, who follow behind them, tell us that they are an old, mysterious race from nearer the center of the Milky Way, probably the Sagittarius Arm. They have been living in space for centuries. Their imperative is to go ever onward and never backtrack.

   Evidently, they sail through space in their great Sailing Vessels by skillfully reading & utilizing stellar winds, grav waves, & dark energy–much as our Polynesians once did with Pacific Ocean winds & currents. Evidently they can control the wing "density" to "catch" these forces.
   It is said that they have a thousand words for deep space.

   When they find a FP, they build a Gate and, using unknown techniques allowing them to synchronize time with other Gates (no easy task with relativity and all), send out signals to other possibly connected Gates. If a connection is made, it is rumored they are excited to see their relatives, though the generations are often a bit out of sync, what with the sub-light-speed travel. They may exchange places so some who stayed behind get to continue on.
   In any case, they set up a colony , either to manage the FPS if a connection was made or to await signals from the next newfound FP. They then send groups on to find more FPs. Because these must travel by normal, sub-light speeds, it can take a very long time. The ones chosen to stay behind don't like being stuck, which is why they tend to be a bit surly.

   According to observers, they live in a huge, cubical, dark, gravity-free area at the center of each FPS. There seems to be a floating "city" at the center. They are very aloof and are rarely seen. We have been able to discover very little about their lives or culture, though there is much speculation and gossip (and a good topic if the conversation lags.)

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More about MINs

Communications go through the Galactic Information Grid or GIG, which uses the FPs & Neurays. A MIN is used to access the GIG.

   Giggers arrive shortly after the Folders, negotiate and build the Neurays (placed throughout space to pick up messages and relay them), and connect new areas into the GIG. An area covered by the GIG is said to be "in the GIG". This means you can use electronic money, communicate, get information, etc.

   Neurays are often funded by governments or large corporations because it is so important to be in the GIG. A small tax-per-use is credited to the funder to help pay for upkeep and problem-solving. There are endless problems with various interferences: star flares, X-rays, cosmic rays, etc. as well as dust, comets, meteors, and dark matter. This is why it is wise to store needed information in your MIN.

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