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Anura is one of many planettes in the asteroid ring between Elanus & Akar (the 2nd and 3rd planets of Epsilon Indi). Its closest inhabited neighbors are Tarika and Frunos.
  Epsilon Indi is a main sequence orange star (K3 type), 11.3 light yrs from earth, 4.7 magnitude, temperature 4130. Its mass is 80% of the sun's, but its luminosity is only 14%.

Itinerary: from Earth, go to the Kitri FPS, find Gate 10, and fold to Tau Ceti.
There take the down chute to the bottom Gate, 1101, then fold to Epsilon Indi.
Finally, take the S'Bus to ElanusCentral.
Here there are many small S'Minis.competing to take you to the asteroid of your choice, or on a tour. Be sure to choose one with an EC Medallion and file your id info and itinerary with the ECTB.

Anura was once a prime destination--beautiful cities, lovely climate—with a fun-loving people and a leisurely lifestyle. In 2058 ET, for reasons unknown to outsiders, the society fell apart. There was some sort of civil unrest, the fractal antennas were smashed, and GIG communication was lost. Tourists were evacuated, and no ships, not even cargo ships, have gone there since. It is not considered safe for tourists at this time.
  Our information has not been updated since then.

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Anura in Space

Anura is one of the asteroids between Akar and Elanus. It is large enough to hold an atmosphere and may be considered a planette. It is covered with water. The principal inhabitants, the Anurans, have built immense cities (or Veechi) over a long time. These beautiful Veechi utilize the secretions of sea creatures--pearly & crystalline--and extend both above & beneath the clear water.

  The climate is quite mild, though humid, but violent thunder and lightning storms do sweep through. This is one reason for the many towers which act as lightning rods & power storage.
There are no seasons as we know them.

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Actually the major experience on Anura is to enjoy their lifestyle—relax, eat & drink in the many cafes, listen to their hilarious stories (be sure to get a language module update for your MIN as their language is very fluid), dance and generally party.
  Anurans are very welcoming and happy to have you join them, but you should be aware that Anura has very few "attractions" and no multi-galaxy resort complexes.
  If possible, observe some of their ceremonies: Hatching Day, Graduation, Council of the OldRoyals. It may be best to avoid the Spawn Election period as things sometimes get out of hand.
  Just strolling around a Veechi, watching all the activities, joining in on occasion can amuse you for quite a while.
  Shooting to the tops of towers or down through the water in the pneumatic type tubes is a more exciting.way to get around.
  Of course there is swimming or scuba diving and fishing (rent appropriate equipment from the S'Cruisers), as well as scooting about on the little power boats.
  You might want to take longer trip on a food freighter out to an OceanPeople Region, and watch the farmers and fishermen at work, and maybe even join in.
   Finally, travel around the planette on CP'äh ships (see below)..

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CP'ah ship

CP'äh ship plunging into the water


A Ride to Remember
One of Anura’s contributions to the Galaxy is the gravactor drive, first used in their beautiful CP'äh ships which spear through air or water with equal grace.
  The gravactor drive deflects the force of gravity so it “pulls” in a chosen direction instead of toward the greater mass. Though it has been adapted to work in more complex situations elsewhere, the original Anuran version needs to be close to a single gravity mass and can’t be flown far out into space

Its inventor, Hyla, was an ocean person who lived deep in the Conoks, a shallow water area filled with conok “trees” which prop themselves out of the water on long roots.
   S’Cruisers often dumped old pods there to avoid Anuran fines, and he used their parts to make his first crude drive. An Andorian engineer on a S’Cruiser happened to look down and noticed the activity. He persuaded Hyla to come with him to Andor where they designed a prototype. Unfortunately Hyla was unable to adjust to Andor & died there.
   The Andorians delivered a fleet to Anura in Hyla’s honor (& made millions of glax using his invention.)

There are frequent flights around Anura, Be aware that the ship's skin becomes transparent when it's not being used as a photon-energy collector. This makes the dives through water and air very exciting. They won't check your Phobi-Card, but Earthans with a rating above a6fj2 probably shouldn't try CP'äh ships.
   This is a great way to see other Veechi and the OceanPeople Regions.

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Button for Veechi Sketch
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Lodging: One of Anura's attractions is that there is so little tourist business In fact, therre are no hotels so most tourists stay on S'Cruisers and use pods to visit. However, if you are good company (& adventuresome), Anurans may invite you home to curl up on the floor with them & their friends for a rest time.

Food: There are tavos everywhere which have spreads of food for the taking—most of which comes from the sea and is pretty unrecognizable to Earthans. Your MIN can access S'Cruiser info about Earthan reactions to various foods, taste & gastricwise (be sure to log in anything you learn.) Anurans will be happy to connect food names with actual plates of food.

Getting Around: See "A Ride to Remember"

Hours: Day and night are about equal and last 8:23 hours ET each, though it doesn't matter much.Anurans pay little attention to time and schedules. This can be frustrating to more rigid and less atuned species. Just relax and "go with the flow."

Money: Anurans don't have a money economy. They are taught very early that, if they do their share of the work, they will have what they need. Fortunately, with their bountiful ocean, little work is needed.
  But there is much creation & exchange of speeka, what we would call trinkets, and as a tourist, you will need a supply. Either bring items from home (Earthan objects would be very valued) or buy some at the Changers on the S'Cruisers. Although the etiquette of speeka exchange is complex, Anurans are forgiving of outsiders.

SOME WARNINGS: Anurans feel very strongly about littering. Be careful not to drop or throw away anything. If you have something from the outside you don't want, either pocket it or see if you can make a speeka with it to give to an Anuran.
Fortunately, S'Cruisers have installed UVS's on the surface.

While Anurans are very friendly to outsiders, among themselves there can be complex and violent controversies. These are usually over quickly though sometimes the OldRoyals must intervene.
In any case, STAY OUT! You could get hurt or banished.

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The Anurans are amphibious. About every 3 years (ET) it is time to reproduce. They hold elaborate campaigns leading to the Spawn Election. The males vote for the best females who lay their eggs in the nursery pools and males elected by the females fertilize them. The eggs & milt from highest-rated male & female go in the Royal pool. Their offspring are the only ones who know who their parents are. Those who have contributed cannot run again.
  Siblings, those from the same nursery pool, have the same name and are quite close though they may live in different Veechi. Those Anurans who are not elected can reproduce in the ocean, Their offspring, the Ocean People, become a sort of underclass. They live in small groups underwater & do most of the ocean farming.
  This Spawn Election process was supposed to produce a genetically superior people, but has become more complex and political over time and many factors may enter into voting choices. Unlike many cultures, sexual attraction is not a factor in relationships. These are based on compatibility & fun (& politics) though these friendships can be surprisingly complicated and passionate.
  In time the eggs hatch and the young emerge (a special celebration). They have only gills and live in the water. After a childhood swimming & playing around the planet, at adolescence they develop arms & legs & the ability to breath air. Anurans retain their gills & may choose to live in the underwater part of the Veechi. Some consider it more modern to breathe only air, hiding their gills & their roots.
  When prepared through classes & apprenticeships, the young adults are divided among the various Veechi depending on needs, skills & interests. The Royals are usually leaders & managers in their assigned Veechi. Worthy Royals are eventually elevated to be OldRoyals who live in their own Veechi--and are the advisors & final governmental authority.

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To Ratita with Rzilli




Ratita is the 2nd planet of Tau Ceti [Hwal], or as the Ratitans call it, joo-ah.
   Tau Ceti is a main sequence yellow-orange star (G84 type), 11.9 light yrs from earth, 3.5 magnitude. Its mass is 81% of our sun, Sol, and its luminosity is 59%. It has more hydrogen and less iron than Sol.
   There is a large disk of cometary and asteroidal material around Tau Ceti; therefore there is too much bombardment for much life to exist on most planets. However, several large gas planets create safe places for a few inhabited planets of which Ratita is one.

To get there from Earth, go to the Kitri FPS, find Gate 10, and fold to Tau Ceti. .
Take the S'Bus to Ratita. Be sure to check times and itineraries as they change erratically..

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