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My Journal: The Cicuta Trip

Chapter 9: Choosing —What Next?

[TELHO GORA] After I left the Telkalkoin, I enjoyed a quick lunch at Yerma's (He will give you a special discount if you mention Gilli's Galactic Guide.)
    The view from his place was wonderful--I could see the Na-os glinting in the distance on the highest tree and a flock of MyDys leisurely nibbling on the blossoms below. S'Cruisers above, a steady stream of pods ascending and descending, plus the usual LeaperCabs scurrying all over. And a long procession of Cicutans in their traditional floaters heading toward the Na-os for their holiest End-of-High-Season ceremonies.

    Back here in our Gora, I have a little time before meeting Nesh and Weller so I think I'll check with the Cicutan Tourist Board to see if we can get passes for anything.

Outside the Circutan Tourist Board
©2003 GIG2061 Productions

LATER: Well, MIN, the CTB display shows lots of possibilities (see below), but they have only a couple of stand-by passes. May be able to work out a Galana trip. I'll have to talk to Weller and Nesh,. Guess I'll sit here till they come. Hope it's soon.

    Oh. A call from Nesh—he and Weller are with an ex-plan from Earth who can tell us fascinating tales about Cicuta. He'll show us his special MoonMoth viewing place this evening. And he's sent a cab to fetch me.
    The only cab I see is that big, odd-looking one that just came over the edge. Let me get closer. The driver—I don't recognize the species—is holding up a sign saying "Gilli." He's opening the door, I'd better hop in.
    Nice cab. Wonder where we're supposed to meet. Probably a short ride...Hey!

What's going on??

We're swerving upward—really fast.
Past that S'Cruiser!
The space-harness sign just lit up.
This cab has a space-harness sign?
That's Galana over there—against a black sky!
What's happening??
Where are we going??

Some Cicutan Tourist Board's Displays

Note:Because I set theTranslactivator
to Earthan, only those displays suitable
for air-breathing, non-enclosed species
are displayed.

Translactivator: Earthan

Galana poster
©2003 GIG2061 Productions

orbit close > speedy passage

See the amazing Ice-Moon
in our clear-bottom ships

Touch Her Spirit
You'll never forget--
"She who never falls"

Cicuta-Galana Charter Service


Pilgrimage to the Na-os
The Most Holy Temple
Solemn Ceremonies of the Cycle
(proper clothing required)

Fallands Tour
Authentic Old Fall Village
Historic Pageant "Saga of Thetor" nightly
Nature Safari with Safety Guides
-protection from falling debris provided-

Camp Si-Ku-Teh
Enriching Activities suitable
for the young of most species

Lecture Series
"The Soul of Cicuta"
Cicuta-Earth Friendship Society
Season Finale at 48h

©2003 GIG2061 Productions



highest jumps in the galaxy

your chance to fly!

We accomodate all shapes & masses

After the Fall come to the
NEW SunnyEdgeResort

to recover
Relax with the latest Malax regimen from Venaka
Swim   Dive   "Fish"  Sail  Uchush
Visit a native EdgePeople Village and
enjoy a native "Tatil" feast with "Ohyun" dancing

To find the Best of Cicuta
hire a licensed Guide to show you
the Best shopping
the Best Kahto parties
By the hour / By the Day


Roped Trunk Descent
Explore the unusual flora / fauna / figma
Instruction & Equipment Included

Amazing Rafting // Surfing
Hazards Cleared Daily
Pic-Nic lunches extra

©2003 GIG2061 Productions


You won't believe the
See the "forbidden" Cicuta
Escorted Excursions
Free Kymo & Other Pleasures
"Where the Galaxy Parties"



The Most Unbelievable No-Grav Acts
The Funniest Clown Troupe
The Most Beautiful Spectacular
Only ONE MORE SHOW this season

Lower Plats
©2003 GIG2061 Productions

floater tours
©2003 GIG2061 Productions


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