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My Journal: The Cicuta Trip

Chapter 10: An Unexpected Adventure

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.MIN, translate—
“...busy...later... <Unable to translate fully...Shall I get a language module update?>” Sure.

Let’s gig Weller. He’ll tell me what’s happening... Oh, frass, signal’s too weak.
OK. What can we figure out? We’re speeding toward Kentro...

Right before Akar there’s an asteroid ring...
Which asteroids would be closest now?
Could be Tarika or Frunos or Anura.

The driver’s talking again,
“...help. I no...cereal/serial...!”
What?? Dratz, no update yet.
Hey, could he mean Cyril?
Uncle Cyril??
He’s nodding, smiling.

We are descending
toward a beautiful
blue-green planette.
This has to be Anura.
Wait...they haven’t been
in the GIG for 3 years now..
some sort of upheaval...
destroyed all the fractal antennas

Cab Approaching Anura

Out the window I see a beautiful city, half under the crystal clear water. Huge. Goes on and on.
Bridges and towers, waterships and airships,
and yes, broken fractal antennas.

Out the Window--Anuran Veechi

We’re zooming toward a lower area, shadowed, dark. We’re landing.
The driver points to a small sign--it says “Little Earth”--in Earthan!


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