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Folder Picture 1

My Journal

When I Saw The Folder

Later in 2052, my father came to the Aboriginal camp to bring me home.
My mother had received word that her brother, my uncle,
was getting married and was anxious that we should attend.

He especially wanted me to be the Knbk,


whatever that was. Now, Uncle Cyril had always been an adventurer; there were many family tales about his wild childhood. As soon as The Folders arrived with their FoldPoint Stations in 2040, he was off.

    Most Earthans were hesitant enough about the various types of new people coming to visit us, and could hardly conceive of actually trusting one's body to the process of folding to other worlds, but not Uncle Cyril.

    We heard from him intermittently: the GIG was much less stable in those days. And I suspect he really didn't want Mother to know about his life in detail.

    He had finally settled down on Ratita and was much in love with with a Struthian pair.

Anyway, Mother persuaded Daddy that it was important for family unity that we should go. So after much discussion and research on the GIG, we were ready.

   On the FPS we had a long wait as usual. I ran around, excited. My parents kept warning me that this wasn't the outback where it was safe (if you watched out for the snakes and all.)

    I opened a small door behind a screen and started skipping down a long, curving corridor. It became darker until there were only dim floor lights. My fear was beginning to overpower my curiosity. I stopped.

    Suddenly a door beside me slid open, and A Folder slowly turned from the floating controls he was working with and looked at me. his antenna-lights shining in my eyes. I was terrified and delighted. Finding me of no interest, he turned back to his work.

    As my eyes adjusted, I could see beyond him into the huge area at the center of FPS's, some sort of floating structure in the distance. He/She/It was in an upper corner. The door slid shut suddenly.

    I am still haunted by that glimpse of a truly other world and the rush of horror and fascination.

Note: These pictures are artists' renderings from my description and those of the few others who have been fortunate enough to actually see these mysterious creatures. ]


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