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My Journal: The Cicuta Trip

Chapter 1   Leaving Earth


S'Bus Leaving Earth


[ON THE S'BUS] When I looked at this S'Bus sitting in the gorgeous new Nairobi S'BusPort, I couldn't believe it. Where could they have folded it from? The peeling ads were in some strange language (except for the new FP-TACO ad on the front.)

     There was no real section for humanoids. The front's full of dents–I suppose from micro-asteroids. Maybe we should have booked with a major carrier. But they're so expensive...
     So with some misgivings, we embussed on our adventure.

     I was so exhausted I soon dozed off. I did download a viz of our S'Bus from the BeaconCam as we went by. (I'm in the 2nd row, 3rd window from the left. Can you see me wave?)

LATER: I'm beginning to wake up now. Weller's in front of me, sleeping with his mouth open. Hope he has all his gear with him. Nesh is behind me, talking to that Gigger, the one with all those knees I can feel poking me in the back. The packers do jam the seats in. Luckily I was able to rent a pretty good seat (important when you're so strapped in), but I wish the back was thicker.

    I think the guy, or whatever it is, next to me has been watching vizes the whole time. Lots of green blobs bouncing around, sticking to each other, breaking into fragments. Can't tell if it's war or romance.

    Anyway, I shouldn't complain. I thought I'd never persuade those execs to back my proposal for a second "Go With Gilli" show. Even though the Elysia episode did well (thanks to OrZoo and that gomfus-collecting bit), it's not a good time to risk glax. Luckily, my Galactic Guide is finally taking off–after 3 years of hard work–so I have some name recog. And that deal with Unitek, oops, Uniteque (just bought by a Gaulish company) brought in the last bit needed.

    In any case it all came together, and here I am, just turned 21 (April 1) and finally going to Cicuta. I've dreamed of seeing it for myself ever since Uncle Cyril gave me those sketches so long ago–well, 7 years ago. Wonder how he'd doing? Should try gigging him again. Maybe I can work out a side trip to Ratita from Tau Ceti on the way back....


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