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My Journal: The Cicuta Trip

Chapter 5: Rising

Gilli & party in the Riser

   Riser Viz:
   courtesy of Cicutan Tourist Board

Oh! What’s that? I feel rain on my face. Wake up!
I can’t see. Oh, we must be in a mist...a cloud?
Steady creaking...Slowly rising...
That’s it! MIN, I’m in a Riser on my way up to High Cicuta.
Must have dozed.

It’s getting clearer.
I can see the other people and all the bundles.
Weller is sorting out our stuff from the mess of baggage...
And Nesh is lost in some dream of his own.
I won’t disturb them.

Looking out, there's the tree stalk with skittery things on it.
And the down rope on the other side of the stalk.
We must be above the other Riser.
Beyond, lots of other stalks, more ropes and Risers.

A rain of debris floating downward.
And flower petals, too; it’s getting close to FallTime.
Insect-types flying around in the dusk...some quite large.
Oops, duck!

It’s getting brighter, and it smells better...
Still damp, but not unpleasant.
Ooh, there’s a whiff of something frying.
Am I ever hungry!

Up above, light and flowers.
Now I can see through the flowers and spreading stalks...
A shadow, a platform, an opening for the rope.
Over the creaking of the machinery I begin to hear other noises...
Getting louder...a babble, a babel, all pitches and rhythms...
Footsteps, whoopy bounces.. louder and louder.

We're rising through the opening into a small shed...

What's next??


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