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We now have access to over 430T sites in the Galactic Information Grid,The MIN5000
and now, with the new MIN5000, you will be able to reach most of them.
Don't be left out!

  • Latest technology from the Giggers
  • Super Star*Flare Shielding protects from most interference
  • And, just in case, huge capacity for data you must have with you
  • Responds only to you--multiple IDs: DNA, voice, retinal
  • Headset with attachable eyepiece for privacy
  • 4-finger input when voice is inappropriate
  • TouchScreen nailpick included, in case your nail breaks
  • Larger, easier-to-use size: 18cm x 14cm x 3cm
  • Comfortable to wear, soft, with body-conforming elastic strap
  • Excellent multi-sensory recording, editing, and output
  • VariSpectra lens can handle any wave length; the TeleCam, any distance; the MicroCam, any mag
  • Sound/Voice Recog v42.6 with WalkAbout capabilities, including required warning
  • Universal Translator, constantly updated as new species join the GIG, Translactivator included to convert enabled signs
  • Records and updates all your financial transactions, in glax or any other currency
  • Evirotector and RoboMedic can help prevent and correct many situations
  • Move safely in total darkness with the latest in 3D scanning
  • Light outputs in various spectra for various situations
  • And in the worst should occur, a PanicButton to send out distress signals in appropriate local frequencies
  • Has the legally-required On/Off button

Whether you travel through the Galaxy like Gilli or stay at home on Earth, the new MIN5000 will meet all your needs.

Another fine product from UNITEK-United Technologies

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