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I Find an Old Friend

[CICUTA] While waiting in the Hwal S'Port, I tried again to gig Uncle Cyril—no luck. His GRL was no longer in use. So while I was there in the Tau Ceti system, I decided to view the local Ratitan News hoping to find some clues. There isn't much about Ratita on the GNN.
   Suddenly a word jumped out at me—Rzilli. Was it a person's name? ...or just something MIN couldn't find an Earthan equivalent for?
    I remembered a kid named Rzilli I played with when I was there for Uncle Cyril's marriage, We used to sneak out to explore when I could get away from the endless ceremonies. But Rzilli wasn't from Ratita. I can't even remember why his family was visiting there. Some grownup thing.
   Anyway, the news item was about a lecture someone named Rzilli gave at a learning place. It was worth a try so I gigged the place, asking if someone would forward a message to the lecturer.
   To my happy surprise, it really was the Rzilli I had known. He was glad to hear from me, and said he would inquire about Uncle Cyril. He had returned to Ratita to do ecological research in remote areas of the planet.
   He wants me to help him put out a popular guide to Ratitan ecology—or at least to polish the Earthan translation. I can't focus on that now, but we agreed that, for the time being, I would post his on-going gmails & vizes on my gigsite. We'll call it: Rzilli Explores Ratita.
   I know all my fellow explorers will be excited to learn more about this most interesting planet from someone actually there, who is discovering new things every day..

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